NordVPN Review 2021

When it comes to security, privacy, and online freedom, the internet is not always a friendly place.  That’s why more and more people are looking for ways to stay secure both at home and on the go. One of the most common methods to achieve this level of security is through a VPN service. This also helps them to get around censorship and geographic restrictions.  We’ll be reviewing NordVPN, one of the leading VPN services used by over 6 million people worldwide.

NordVPN is an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced users who are looking to take full advantage of their security while browsing online or watching Netflix securely from other countries. You can even unblock other popular sites such as Hulu or Amazon Prime from outside of the US.


Prices start at just $3.63 a month, and you can get a 69% discount in their current Fall Sale!


NordVPN Pros: 3,333+ servers in 60 countries worldwide including Canada 940+ fast and secure server locations Automatic WiFi protection Double data encryption Unlimited bandwidth Allows P2P Support 7-day free trial NordVPN Cons: Some servers could be faster No Bitcoin support

NordVPN Overview Here at VPNRanks , we’ve tested and reviewed 100s of different VPN providers. We know how difficult it can be to choose the right one for yourself, so we’ve thoroughly tested all of NordVPN’s features and functionality and compiled all the vital information into this exclusive review. We’ll start by talking about server coverage, where you can find servers in different countries to suit your needs. Next, we’ll explore their streaming capabilities for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, etc. We’ll end this review with a comprehensive FAQ section, which should answer all your questions about NordVPN.

Does NordVPN use virtual server locations?

Yes, NordVPN does use virtual server locations.  This means that some of their servers might be physically located in a different country than what is displayed on the map and provided on their website. This helps them to protect user privacy and stay out of trouble with copyright infringement claims and blocking requests of different streaming platforms. What’s more, every single NordVPN server is run by a dedicated physical machine with its own unique IP address. This guarantees top notch performance, regardless of the time of day or current network congestion. As an additional benefit, you can switch between their servers at any given moment and obfuscate your location to avoid unfair censorship attempts.

What’s so special about NordVPN? Why should I choose them over other providers?

You should definitely consider NordVPN if you are looking to improve your online security or bypass censorship restrictions. They have 3,333+ servers in 60 countries worldwide. This includes 940+ fast and secure server locations across 5 continents, which gives you plenty of choice when it comes to speed and availability. In addition, they have a double data encryption which is designed to protect your sensitive data from internet thieves and snoopers. We were also really impressed with their strong AES-256-CBC encryption and secure VPN protocols, such as IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN.

P2P File Sharing NordVPN allows P2P file sharing on most of their servers. They have a strict no logs policy, so you can freely download torrents without getting caught or facing any legal consequences. Servers are optimized for lightning fast speed and performance, so you can use your favorite VPN clients to download large files without experiencing throttling by your ISP. From our speed tests, NordVPN managed to provide one of the fastest VPN connections we have ever seen.

What are NordVPN’s main features?

  • NordVPN is packed with useful features, including anti-DDoS servers, which you can use simultaneously to enjoy enhanced privacy while gaming or streaming in HD.
  • Other advanced technologies include double data encryption, obfuscated servers for bypassing censorship restrictions, a kill switch, and CyberSec.
  • They also offer a free web proxy extension called MediaStreamer. It is compatible with all major streaming services and blocks ads while you use the service.
  • What’s more, it integrates with NordVPN to ensure your security remains intact when accessing public Wi-Fi networks or unprotected media streams.

How to Set Up Obfuscated Servers?

If you are traveling around the world or live in an oppressive country, it is likely that some streaming platforms will block your access. For example, Netflix doesn’t allow users to access content from other countries on their website. To bypass these restrictions and secure open access to the internet, you can use NordVPN’s obfuscated servers.   To set up obfuscated servers, you need to download the proper version of the NordVPN app based on your device’s operating system. You can then select an obfuscated server and connect to it. Once connected, NordVPN will automatically configure itself for increased security and anonymity.

Does NordVPN Keep Logs?

NordVPN is one of the few providers that is actually transparent about their logging policies. They are based in Panama, which means they are not subject to any mandatory data retention laws. NordVPN does not keep logs of your traffic or online activities . There have been rumors that some VPN providers sell users’ data and hand over information to the government when it approaches them with a warrant or court order. However, NordVPN told us they do not store any user data and therefore cannot hand anything to anyone.

NordVPN’s refund policy is 30 days, no questions asked. You can even use their free trial to test the service risk-free to ensure you are happy with it before subscribing.